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Beautifully crafted medical IDs


For those of us with a medical need, HELLA IDs are medical IDs and so much more. Your inspiration and your information. On top, make it your own: Style, symbolism, sport, or tribe, let it reflect YOU. Underneath, HELLA IDs hold your critical emergency and medical info so you can get out and adventure with the knowledge that you’re covered. For athletes of every age and ability, as well as children, people who are non-typically developed, those with special needs, and those with life-threatening medical conditions in ANY setting. Outdoors or in.


Place your engraving order and send us your HELLA TEK (sliders you wear on a watch or wearable). We'll engrave your personal medical info on the backside of your product, enamel the cross on the side, and send your "activated" TEK back to you HELLA quick.

How it works

First responders see the HELLA orange enamel “activated” cross on the side of a HELLA TEK and know it means critical emergency info. If your information is not facing up, they will turn it over. Displayed could be: Your name, your in-case-of-emergency contact information, known allergies, and any other medical conditions. Looking for a list of possible medical abbreviations? We've compiled one for you here


Wearing a HELLA ID every time you venture out ensures that your emergency information is on you at all times, whether you're carrying your wallet or not. List allergies, medical conditions, and your In Case of Emergency contact so first responders know exactly what to do and whom to contact should an emergency strike. Click here for a list of health related and medical abbrievations. 


We welcome questions, comments, and feedback from each and every one of you. Let us know what’s on your mind or share your story! We are here for you and committed to working in partnership with our First Responder community to keep you safe.

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