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180 Harbor Dr #216
Sausalito, CA 94965


What is HELLA ID?


HELLA ID is a company that makes the most durable medical and personal IDs available. Our first ID, the HELLA TEK, slides on your watch or wearable, and can also be worn without a watch on a nylon or hypo-allergenic silicone STRAP. The top of each ID shows your sport TRIBE icon (Cycling, Running, H20, Mountain, Yoga, or our LOGO) with your critical information engraved underneath where first responders and medical professionals know to look. We also produce bag TAGs (for your luggage and backpacks) and Pet IDs.

Who needs a HELLA ID?


We think anyone and everyone! We’re all about spreading our mission far and wide. We want athletes and adventurers of all abilities to wear their critical personal info on them at all times. HELLA IDs are also perfect for people with medical necessity as well as children. Travelers can affix an ID to their bag to ensure its safe return should it be lost. Pets can wear a HELLA TAG both outdoors and in.

How does a HELLA ID work exactly?


Great question. Here’s the plan: You choose a Sport Tribe for the top of your ID (choice of: Running Shoe Tread, Cycle Gear, Yoga Lotus Om, H2O Wave, Mountain, or HELLA LOGO) and then have us engrave your critical emergency info on the underside. Once engraved, we enamel a small orange HELLA cross on the side of your TEK. This informs first responders of medical and/or personal information. Ideally, if you’re out and about, you flip your TEK or ID with info side up, but first responders can also remove your watch or bracelet to look underneath. Your In Case of Emergency contact and other medical details will inform your treatment, should an emergency strike.

Where can I buy a HELLA ID?


You can buy a HELLA ID through our retail partners, either in person or online. Click here for the list of HELLA’s Partners.

How is HELLA different from other medical IDs on the market?


So glad you asked. We’re different for two reasons. 1. The first thing you’ll notice about a HELLA ID is its quality. They are made of the highest grade titanium (for our Sport line) or three choices of gold (yellow, rose, or white) with optional diamond embellishment in our Couture line. Our IDs are made with style in mind so you’ll actually want to wear them and they are built to last a lifetime. Unlike so many other brands that break, your HELLA ID will go the distance. 2. Our mission:  We are a company created to serve. Our product is a contribution to the greater good of keeping us all safe while ending the stigma of wearing a medical ID. We support our communities and give 2% of our profits—as well as our time and humble attention— to charity.

What’s this company about anyway?


Community service and community building are the cornerstones of the HELLA mission. It’s the WHY behind the WHAT for us as a company and informs everything we do from hiring to production. HELLA seeks to carry a torch of inclusion—to open our umbrella to all. Our IDs are inspired by the inner athlete in all of us. That sense of pioneering adventure that allows us to follow our curiosity into the unknown and push ourselves to new boundaries. We’re also here for those with medical necessity and those living with functional challenges, whether that be one of us who has a life-threatening allergy or the autistic child who may be non-verbal. To all of us living with medical and health challenges, HELLA sees you. We want you to feel proud of your ID and to let it reflect who you are as you live your best life with a sense of adventure. We hope our IDs can serve to end the stigma of wearing a medical IDs in the first place—that through the beauty and craftsmanship of our HELLA TEKs and TAGs, you will be proud to let your ID be a reflection of your amazing spirit.

Can I wear a HELLA ID if I don’t own a watch or wearable?


Absolutely! We make a STRAP bracelet (in either nylon or hypo-allergenic silicon) specifically for your TEK. Some of our customers slide them onto their own bracelets, or wear them on a chain around their necks (where first responders are also trained to look!).

Got any ideas for inspirational engravings?


Click here for a list to give you a place to start (inspiration for your inspiration!) Remember that your HELLA ID can handle three lines of text at 24 characters each—including spaces!—or one line of text for our Couture 5mm TEK.

What do you do with my private medical information?


All information provided to HELLA is securely maintained in a company controlled database, with restricted access. We promise we will never sell, rent, or give your personal or medical information to any third party.

Which charities do you support and where does your 2% donation go?


HELLA donates 2% of our profits to organizations that make a difference in our communities with a particular focus on autism awareness and veterans’ causes. Since 2016, we’ve sponsored Waves of Impact and their mission of providing surf camp to both kids facing special challenges and veterans in need of stress relief. In addition to our sponsorship of the surf camps, our team participates in a volunteer capacity.

Where does the name come from?


The name HELLA is inspired by two things: Our Northern California roots and the Norse goddess Hella. HELLA is a term from San Francisco meaning “very.” And we want you to live like that—get out there, go the distance, live HELLA. On the flip side of that, the Norse Goddess Hella inspires us. Hella is the Goddess of the underworld. We like to use her name because we believe a HELLA ID could keep you from her grasp.

Where can I find a list of possible medical abbreviations?


We've compiled this list for you right here