The Business of Doing Good


For us at HELLA, every ounce of style brings extraordinary purpose.

Our mission:

  1. Save lives.
  2. Give back to our communities.
  3. Make the highest quality IDs available anywhere. 

These are our Principles of Purpose and they inform every step of our work at HELLA.


We’ve created beautiful, durable IDs that carry life-saving personal identification to support you on your journey— outdoors or in.  Our IDs show our love for sport and our love for place--whether that be the mountain, the road, the ocean, or the mat. We believe sport has the power to forge a connection between us, despite differences. The ability to get outside and just be is the place where we are able to recognize our truest selves and each other. We support you being free to live your purpose by getting out there. Know that your HELLA ID is built to last so we’ve got your back, wherever you go.

At HELLA, we believe there's strength in numbers and that collectively, we will make an impact. With each purchase of a HELLA product, a portion of our proceeds goes to support the causes and communities we care about. We donate our time, 2% of our profits and we create opportunities for our TRIBES to band together in service. If you have a cause you care about, an event that needs sponsoring, know of a person who needs to be recognized for the good they do, let us know. Together, we will work toward leaving the world even better than we’ve found it.




At HELLA, we’re committed to building communities of adventurers, especially those driven to make the world better. A portion of our proceeds goes to supporting autism awareness, the fight against childhood cancer, disabled veterans, and our First Responder community.