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Everything we do at HELLA is guided by our passion for adventure; our love for our communities; and our mission to keep you safe on your journey. We took the standard medical ID and elevated it so you’ll want to wear it everywhere, outdoors and in. Think highest-quality craftsmanship, premium materials, hand-engraving, and the option for couture style. Whether you find yourself on the mountain, the mat, the road, or the waves, your HELLA ID will stand out just like you.


At HELLA, we believe the term ‘athlete’ applies to people who go HELLA hard, wherever the road of life takes them. If you crave the spark of exploration, if you feel more yourself when it’s just you and your bike, your running shoes, your mat, your wave, or your mountain run, YOU are an athlete. We created HELLA to safeguard you on all of your adventures.

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First responders: You make our mission of saving lives possible and we’ve got nothing but love for all you do. Each HELLA ID provides critical personal and medical info on a wearer’s wrist in the event of a life-threatening emergency.  When you see a HELLA orange enamel cross you’ll know there is important information that will help you respond more quickly, confidently, and accurately.

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HELLA ID strives to transform our vulnerabilities into sources of pride. We seek to end the stigma of disability and reframe our challenges as achievements. For those of us with special medical sensitivities or for the people we love who need emergency identification for extra assurance, wearing a HELLA ID is the perfect way to find peace of mind.

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HELLA is more than a brand. It’s a tribe of explorers, adventurers and athletes who give back to the communities we love and the land we hold dear. As a community, we hold space for the vulnerable AND the strong.  We are committed to the belief that we’re all in this together and we seek to leave the world better than we’ve found it. HELLA donates a portion of its profits to social good, and we support our communities through events and sponsorships that drive awareness to the issues close to our hearts.

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