How To Keep Your Workout Safe as the Seasons Change – 4 Tips for Every Sport

As the seasons begin to change we say goodbye to Summer and start to put away our summertime gear and replace it with our fall and winter wear and fall sports equipment. As the temperatures start falling and the days get shorter we change our exercise routines and workout gear. Fall doesn’t just mean a change of weather, but also a change in our routines and in how we keep safe in less-friendly climates.

Fall makes us feel more exposed to the elements and presents new challenges to safety and comfort. Swimmers take to indoor pools, surfers don heavy winter wetsuits, yoga enthusiasts bundle up to get to classes, runners and bikers don cold weather outdoor gear and need to find running accessories that help light the way  in increasing dark, and hikers are subjected to slippery terrain while being less maneuverable in heavier outerwear.

Whatever your sport, your tribe or the changes you make to your routine, it’s important to consider your safety and those around you as you transition from season to season. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you transition your exercise routine safely. We like to call it, HELLA-Safe.


Safety Tips For swimmers, taking to the indoors can be complicated simply in finding access, availability and your ability to schedule pools times. Of all the sports, this may be the most complicated to continue into the fall and winter, simply due to access. But if you're an avid swimmer, you’ve likely already figured out a solution that works. Even so, let’s remember leaving the indoor pool in fall for a walk home, or for the car, requires additional care, so be sure to bring the necessary outerwear to get you back and forth.

And while you’ve likely been swimming with a partner or team outdoors, just because you’ve brought it inside doesn’t mean you can start swimming alone. Try always having a swimming partner, or swim in a pool where others are present (not children, of course!). If you're absolutely devoted to swim outdoors as the water chills, here’s an article from The Guardian that’ll help you get started, and this one on safety. Keep it HELLA-Safe and swim with a medical ID bracelet like  HELLA-ID!




Safety Tips For Runners, your routine may not change a lot, but your gear will. Keeping the right balance between staying warm and overheating is critical. And, as our days become shorter, we may find ourselves running in the dark, so keeping in mind, visibility for drivers becomes more difficult. Safety on the roads is a shared responsibility; we can only hope drivers are alert and courteous, but you can’t count on it.  Wearing reflective gear and more visible colors becomes increasingly important as the days get shorter, let’s make sure our warm weather gear is easy to spot.

So while you're used to running with headphones, music or your favorite podcast playing, running in the dark requires a different vigilance. A lot of us might run with a partner, but that won't always be the case. Even so, especially when you're running in the dark, we can turn down the volume and use headphones like Bose, that let in ambient sound. And, some form of reflective wear is critical for running in the dark. Remember visibility is reduced in the early morning and evening, and drivers are adjusting to the seasonal change too. Keep it HELLA-Safe and run with a personalized medical ID like  HELLA-ID!



Safety Tips For Hikers, it’s time to think about what's on our feet. You may already be using hard-core hiking boots, in which case you're all set. But if you’ve been wearing sneakers all summer, think about breaking out those boots, and consider Thinsulate-lined (or similar lining) boots as the weather turns colder. In many areas, fall also means rainy season and the ground under foot can be muddy, so heavier footwear can be in order. If you can, hike with a friend.  It never hurts to have a hiking buddy in the darker months.

Like runners, you may find yourself in the dark, so consider carrying a flashlight. I know what you’re thinking – you have one on your phone – but trust, it’s not bright enough to get you out of the woods, or to hail another hiker if you're in a tough spot. Keep it HELLA-Safe and hike with a custom medical ID like  HELLA-ID!




Safety Tips As Bikers take to the road in the fall, we face many of the same challenges as do street runners. Like the runner, it’s up to us to be aware of our surroundings and to increase our safety on the roads, especially as we start riding in the dark. Both evening and early morning biking can be hazardous with the light changing and heavy frenetic commute traffic.  We need to be cautious, and especially  cautious the faster we’re biking, even in a designated bike lane. Biking safety in fall starts with the proper gear. Reflective wear and bike lights are essential for biking in the dark.

Regardless of where you bike, it’s a great idea to take along a proper flashlight in case of emergency situations. Other safety equipment is largely used year-round, and just as important. A great option for the changing temperatures is to dress in layers and carry a light-weight backpack for on-the-road changes as necessary. Keep it HELLA-Safe and bike with a wearable medical ID add-on like  HELLA-ID!




Safety Tips For Yoga enthusiasts, our outdoor Yoga classes may be coming to an end. And the simplicity of going from home to class without a wardrobe change is also about to shift. It’s time to start bundling up, especially after class, even though we might be soaking from an hour of hot yoga. Yea, it can be gross. But no sense in getting sick because you love yoga. It’s time to put on seasonal footwear to get from car to class – slip-ons of some sort will do the job quickly and easily. As for your sweaty body, we can either switch to yoga pants, or find a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt to toss on and off when we’re outside; just keep them with your other yoga gear. Keep it HELLA-Safe and Yoga with medical ID jewelry like  HELLA-ID!




Wearing your HELLA TEK, custom engraved with emergency contact (ICE), your name and other critical info., is what keeps us safe and connects us to who and what’s important. Sized to fit Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garman, Polar, Shinola and many more. It’s your medical ID, now beautifully designed and worn on your favorite band or around your neck. 

Let’s be thoughtful and HELLA-Safe out there this fall with a HELLA-ID!

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