HELLA Teams Up With Sparkle Foundation


Every year, the Sparkle Foundation helps underprivileged children by giving away new backpacks stuffed with school supplies and other goodies. Seven hundred backpacks will be distributed in August in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Ventura County, to children in need of support to help them get a quick start to the new school year.

We all know how important the first day of school is; arriving with fresh supplies makes all the difference in how that day goes. Thanks to the Sparkle Foundation, 700 children will have smiles, they’ll sparkle when they arrive at school, with new backpacks filled with all they’ll need to kick off the school year on the right foot.

This year, Hella-ID is proud to be supporting the effort by donating 400 strap and bag tags. Once kids have the tags, they simply send it in to Hella-ID to get it engraved. It’s all very simple to do and all at no cost.

We’re also there to help with the stuffing – imagine stuffing 700 backpacks with back-to-school goodies. Notebooks and pens and rulers, oh my! 

If you’re a single mother in need, and are looking for assistance this school year with backpacks and school supplies for your children, please get in touch with Sparkle. You can nominate yourself or someone else that may be in need. If your nomination is selected, they will contact you with location pick up between AUGUST 12-20. Head over to the Sparkle website for details.

Don’t know what the Sparkle Foundation is all about? It’s exciting stuff, a charity with a big difference:

The Sparkle Foundation is unlike most charities. That’s because 100% of donations go directly to women and children, in whatever way best meets their specific needs, with dignity and purpose. Together we can make a difference, teach our children to do the same, and allow those who receive SPARKLE assistance to ‘pay it forward.’ They can do this because all the effort behind Sparkle comes from volunteers – regular people donating their time for a very worthy and noble cause.

To Sparkle is to live a life with purpose. The focus is simple: women helping women, children helping children, people helping people. The Mission of the Sparkle Foundation is to make sure women and children have a sparkle in their eyes. They help women because women rarely ask for help. They help children because many times they are the victims of others circumstances. They help people because, many of us will never know what it is like to not have food in our fridge, or not wake up to a house full of toys on Christmas, more importantly have basic items like a fresh pair of pants or clean toothbrush. Together we really can make a difference, and teach our children to do the same. 

Hella-ID is thrilled to be associated with such a noble endeavour. Hats off to Sparkle. You make us all shine brighter!