George & HELLA Launch Promo

Get a Free HELLA ID STRAP TAG with the purchase of a George (Daisy/Good Dog/Stick) dog collar.


Its’ time to get your dog a little gift. Maybe it’s not his/her birthday, but any day is a great day to give your pet a little something special. Right now you can head down to George SF, Larkspur or Berkeley and pick out a new George embroidered collar. With your purchase, you’ll receive a FREE HELLA ID STRAP TAG to go with your new collar. The beautiful ID tag also includes free engraving and shipping. You’ll provide your details at the HELLA engraving station in three easy steps and we’ll have it out to you in no time, personalized for your pet. The HELLA STRAP TAG is all yours for free, a $40 value with the purchase of an amazing George collar. 


George’s collars are made of high quality durable cotton webbing, are available in a range of colors and you get to choose from three stylish designs.  Want more than one collar, go ahead and spurge, you’ll get as many STRAP TAGs as collars, on us. It’s our way of introducing this special collaboration and the love we share for our special companions.  


HELLA STRAP TAGS are enameled in our signature orange, handsome, easy to spot and include up to five lines of text. 


Visit your local George pet store, where you’ll find so many amazing supplies for your pets. It’s where fun, pets and their humans intersect.


Days and times are limited - This Saturday and Sunday only, check your store for open times.