Five creative gift ideas for the hard-to-buy-for people on your gift list this year.

What to Get the Impossible People on Your List

It’s the holidays and the spirit of the season includes messages of love, giving, and kindness. It also includes the pressure of finding the right gifts for everyone on your list. And there’s always that one person who is simply impossible to buy for. Don’t worry, HELLA has some experiential suggestions that will thrill everyone on your list, even weird Uncle Jim.


For The Grump

Everyone knows a holiday hater. And most of us know that under that grumpy exterior is someone who wants to make everything perfect and worries that folks won’t have a good enough time. These lovely and complicated folks would love a family photo to remember the people who gathered that year. Give them a card that includes instructions to get dressed in what’s in the box and go outside. Have everyone ready to follow and a photographer ready to capture the fun. This can be an inexpensive gift, you can even have a timer ready and skip the photographer. The idea is to make it easy for them to remember the day with laughter.

For The One Who Has Everything

We know this person. We are this person. Why wait for someone to get you something you want, right? The people who have everything they want are the hardest to buy for. These folks are into all the cool gadgets and always have the newest version of everything. But, they always love accessories that make their cool gadgets look even cooler. Grab a customized diamond and gold HELLA Tek for their Apple Watch, Garmin, FitBit, Shinola, Swatch, or other cool wearable they already got for themselves. Not only will you add some flash and style to their wrist, you’ll give them the gift of safety and security. Pretty hard to beat. Check out the styles here.

For The Restless Ones

Got someone on your list who just can’t sit still? Give them a holiday they’ll talk about for years by making their gifts into a scavenger hunt. Plant clues around your home and yard (or community if you’re feeling adventurous) that lead to gifts. Each gift can have a tag that leads to the next clue. By integrating their need for movement into the traditional holiday gift opening, you’ll give them the gift of knowing they’re understood. And your whole family can have the fun of watching them decipher the clues and work out the next discovery.

For The Sweet Ones

The sweet ones, the kind ones, the ones you want to wrap up in a big old hug. We all have someone who’s just the nicest. They can be hard to buy for simply because they’re so sweet you know they’d be happy with anything! For these wonderful beings, the best gift is one that speaks to their kind hearts. Give them a gift of volunteering together at a charity that speaks to their world. Arrange for the two of you to have lunch and then spend a day helping others. They’ll get the gift of time with you and the gift of helping others.


For You

We spend a lot of time making sure everyone else is taken care of this time of year. Remember to get yourself something lovely and spend some time doing something you love. Remember, you’re HELLA awesome.