Express Yourself! How Your Unique Choices Make You Awesome

We Love To Express Ourselves

We all find our own ways to express ourselves, we do it every day. Whether it’s our language – what we say or how we say it – or our body language, our self-expression is always evident. Some expressions are less conscious than others, like choice of words or body language. Other forms of self expression are more overt and likely require some sort of conscious decision – what we wear, our makeup choices, the jewelry we wear, piercings and more permanent expressions like tattoos.


Social Life

Then there’s the myriad of ways we share our self expressions – on our Facebook, Instagram, Snap and other social platforms – for friends and often strangers alike to see what we’re doing and just how we’re expressing ourselves on a minute-to-minute basis. It used to take a while before your circle knew what you were up to, to see your new boots or your latest tattoo. Now, it’s all there for everyone to see in the moment, before the first scuff, before the ink dries.

For those of us who are confident in our choices, Social is a way to spread the news. For others, it’s a way to gauge reaction to a choice yet to be made.


Take A Trip – But Leave Yourself At Home

If you're a traveller, you might even take on a different persona, allowing yourself different forms of expression while you’re away, far (in distance) from the home crowd. But again, they’ll be watching even more intently to see what you’re up to, who you’ve become while vacationing afar.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting your first tattoo, but are still not convinced it’s for you, consider heading over to InkBox and get yourself a temporary tattoo. It’s easy to apply and lasts about two weeks. Take it on vacation and see what the peeps back home have to say about it when you post.


Safety Tips

At HELLA, we believe in safety first, and we couple that with style and function in our HELLA-IDs. We call it HELLA-Safe. And when it comes to self expression you can't be too safe. Consider some of these safety tips when expressing yourself:

  • When getting a tattoo or piercing, even if it’s a spur of the moment decision, take the time to read online reviews before committing to a specific location. You want to be sure the establishment is reputable, does quality work and follows the required safety and hygiene requirements. Check out the Google reviews and don’t settle for a place that has less than a 4 star rating.
  • You're sharing your personal information online. Consider only sharing with friends and family (your connections/contacts). If you’re travelling, be cautious about how far reaching your information goes as it can tip off others that your home is vacant.
  • Be careful when taking all your cool selfies. Lately we’ve read a lot about people getting hurt (or worse) because they weren’t paying attention to their surroundings while taking pics. If you're in a moving vehicle or on a bike, be sure to pull over before snapping shots with your smart phone. Here's an article on things to be cautious about while taking selfies. If you're near wild animals, ledges, cliffs and other dangerous terrain, exercise caution. Stay behind barriers. Here’s another resource that will help you keep safe.
  • We all like to keep our smart phones handy these days to capture those special moments. Just be sure to keep your hands on it so it doesn’t go missing. Leaving it on the table in a busy outdoor restaurant, for example, is a classic way to have your phone taken. Be careful.

When we were young, we were taught not to run with scissors. These days, running with a smart phone can be just as dangerous.


Let Your Style Shine!

One form of self expression is the jewelry you wear. And for that matter, what you don’t wear. At HELLA, our HELLA-ID line is designed with you in mind. All forms of you, however you choose to express yourself. There’s a multitude of options, combined with custom laser engraving resulting in an endless number of expressions. Choose your tribe, choose a TEK or COUTURE pattern, and customize the engraving with medical ID information or an expression of your choosing. HELLA-IDs fit on most bands including Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin, Polar, Swatch, Shinola and many more. 

Be safe and include a HELLA-ID on your band.