A Letter to our HELLA TRIBE

Dear Friends,

As we launch this amazing venture we call HELLA, we thought to take a few moments before our official launch to share some thoughts on what this journey has meant to and how grateful we are to have you take part in the fulfillment of a dream. Your support means so much to us and we warmly welcome you to the HELLA TRIBE.

Reflecting on our company’s evolution over the last two years, from HELLA’s inception as a hopeful idea in 2016, to the production of our first ID prototype, to the host of product offerings released and in the works, the word that comes to mind is INSPIRED. We're truly inspired to offer something to the world that's rooted in beauty, totally functional and purposeful. We want our products to empower you to take ownership of your safety and medical outcomes, and to protect you as you live your life with purpose and adventure. Know that our ID’s are built to last—we put durability, quality and strength at the core of our design process—and that when you purchase a HELLA product, you’re making an investment in yourself AND your community.

Community is our compass true north and foundation at HELLA, with service to our communities at the heart of our work. It’s become the WHY behind the WHAT for us as a company. HELLA seeks to carry a torch of inclusion—to open our umbrella to all. Our IDs are inspired by the inner athlete in all of us. That sense of pioneering adventure that allows us to follow our curiosity into the unknown and push ourselves to new boundaries. We’re also here for those with medical necessity and those living with functional challenges, whether that be one of us who has a life-threatening allergy or the autistic child who may be non-verbal. To all of us living with medical and health challenges, HELLA sees you. We want you to feel proud of your ID and to let it reflect who you are as you live your best life with a sense of adventure. We hope our IDs can serve to end the stigma of wearing a medical IDs in the first place—that through the beauty and craftsmanship of our HELLA TEKs and TAGs, you will be proud to let your ID be a reflection of your amazing spirit.

To carry this idea of community service one step further, we make a pledge to you: When you purchase a HELLA product, your money will be going to social good. We pledge 2% of our profits to organizations that are making a difference in our local and global communities.  We hope to start a cycle whereby we touch one life and that life touches another, and on and on, like a small but mighty drop in the ocean that ripples out to eventually become a powerful wave. In other words, we WILL spread the love!

I’ll end by saying that HELLA is a 100% self-funded venture, we believe in this company’s mission and believe in doing business a different way. We choose to lead from the heart with a bottom line that serves people first. We hope you join us as we aim to help you journey with confidence, pride and safety.   



The HELLA Team