How to Engrave Your HELLA ID

You’ve chosen your TRIBE—Run, Cycle, H20, Mountain, Yoga, or Cross (medical symbol) and now you’re ready to engrave. Here’s how it works, headache free.

  1. Are you engraving your critical info? If so, decide what you need first responders and emergency personnel to know about you. Need an abbreviation? Check THIS document for a list of common medical condition and their abbreviations. If you’re unable to find your condition, feel free to contact us HERE or email us at
  2. Are you engraving something personally meaningful to you? Rad. We love that, too. And of course, you can layer TEKs on your watch or wearable with both critical ID info and anything else that propels you through your run, hike, ride, or life. Make sure whatever you’ve chosen can fit in the space allotted (3 lines of text at 24 characters each, including spaces for a 10mm TEK, 1 line for a 5mm TEK). Feel free to carry your message across multiple TEKs!  Check out our list of inspirations HERE.

Now that you’ve nailed down your text, you can do one of two things:

  1. If you’re engraving your ID at time of order, you’ll be automatically guided to Make It Mine on the HELLA ID site. Follow the 4 simple steps and we’ll ship you your TEK or TAG HELLA fast. Super simple and satisfying.
  2. If you were gifted your HELLA ID or purchased it at one of our retail partners, create an account with us via Make It Mine on the HELLA site. You’ll go through the same 4 simple steps, but you’ll send us your ID, with a copy of your engraving order, using the FREE shipping label you’ll print once you’ve submitted your engraving order.  We’ll get your ID engraved and sent back to you quickly so you can get out there and journey with confidence!

And that’s it, HELLA community. We wish you good health and safe travels, wherever your journey takes you.