Waves of Impact Surf Camp for Kids

On an overcast, drizzly Saturday morning this past August, HELLA ID joined a group of passionate volunteers and parents at Pleasure Point Beach in Santa Cruz, CA to cheer on kids at a Waves of Impact surf camp. That’s pretty epic in its own right—teach ‘em young, we say!—but these weren’t just any kids. These were children sponsored by Waves of Impact, an organization that supports groups facing specific challenges—whether that be wounded veterans, children with autism, or children fighting cancer—by giving them the thrill and therapy of riding the waves.

Why surfing? Because the founders, surfers Josh Harper and Keith Lovgren, believe there’s no better way to find a sense of calm and joy than through connecting with the rhythm of the ocean. Many of the children who participate at Waves of Impact events throughout the U.S. are living with medical conditions that can put families under serious financial and emotional strain. A day at the beach is something many of us take for granted, but certainly feel the benefit of after soaking in the ocean vibe. Surf camps can be expensive—not to mention the fact that they’re not always inclusive of children with special needs. Waves of Impact makes the entire event possible from start to finish for these families. Kids get a day to just be kids, enjoy and connect with nature, and experience the mesmerizing calm of being a surfer.  The families get the benefit of having a day off to just enjoy their kids, experience the bliss of putting smiles on their faces, watch them make new friends and connect with old ones. There’s also an amazing lunch for everyone to enjoy and build community around. Parents often find support in each other, get to share stories and make great connections.

It’s a simple mission, but a powerful one and 100% of every dollar Waves of Impact raises goes to this powerful cause. That means it is a collective volunteer effort—there are no paid positions. We at HELLA ID are proud to give our time and dollars to them whenever we can.

But back to that awesome day at Pleasure Point. Since pictures speak a thousand words, here’s a snapshot of the day.